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Nature Exploration Services

1. Adults Nature Explorations

2. Teenagers Nature Explorations

3. Kids Nature Explorations

Create your own group and make a reservation by using the email at the bottom of this page. Nature exploration prices are dependent on the amount of individuals and length of time per nature exploration. Let's discuss your options and see what works best for everyone involved!

  1. Adults Nature Explorations

Every Nature Exploration is unique to the group's needs. Places and actions during a nature exploration are selected based on the intentions of the individuals. Nature gives and individuals receive. A connection is established that works harmoniously for the material and non material world.


Release & Absorb Meditation


Tree Connection Meditation

2. Teenagers Nature Explorations

Teenagers connect to nature in an adventurous way while learning how to stay present. Team building skills, bonding, balance and dream/career manifestations occur as needed per group's unfolding nature exploration. 

Adventure & Team Building

Bonding & Dream Manifestation

Balance & Present Awareness

3. Kids Nature Explorations

Kids' nature exploration allows for creativity to flow while maintaining a balance between playfulness, focus,  leadership and following nature's guidance.  Explorations will have your kids returning home with nature's  calm soothing energy.

Make a wish Leap

Tree Love

Intention & Focus

Leading the Way