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Sound Bath Meditation Services 

Public Group Session

Price: $35/Individual

Open to the Public

Private Group Session

Price: $50/ Individual

Minimum 5 Individuals

Private Individual Session

Price: $100/Individual

1-2 Individuals

What to Expect at a Sound Bath

Sounds heard at a Sound Bath

Public Group Session

Dates and Location are fixed and open to anyone who makes a reservation using the survey below.  Use RSVP link below for an updated list of dates and times.

Need to Schedule a Sound Bath Meditation Session?

Private Group Session

 Choosing the individuals who will join you for a private group session is a special experience. Private Group Sessions are available upon request via email. Prices are subject to change based on the amount of  individuals in a group and location.  

Redefine "Happy Hour" by choosing how you spend your time and with whom.

Friends Spa Hour

Birthday Sound Bath

Family & Friends Sound Bath

Nature Sound Bath

Private Individual Session

Sound journey meditation with healing helps to heal different energy centers in the body and it’s an easy way to meditate! You’ll lie down comfortably and listen to instruments during a guided meditation. Try it for fun, and let your unique experience speak for itself! Private Individual Sessions are available upon request via email. 

Friends Date 

Couples Date 

Family Date 


"You should have more people try this. I'm going to tell my sister-in-laws about this. They need help reducing their anxiety. I felt like I was at a beach in Cancun, Mexico. This was awesome. Thank you, I feel like I came out of a spa where rich people go to."

"I've done sound baths before but this one was different, I felt like I wasn't even in this room. I felt so relaxed.  I'm going to do this again."

" When you mentioned how to use the breath to remove any discomfort from my body during the sound bath. I felt it leave my body. But, this time I did not feel any feelings when it left my body. It just left. I have taken years of therapy and tried other things to get rid of trauma. This experience was something else. I'd like to book a private session in the future. "

Whether you are starting or ending your day, it is always easier when self-care is at the forefront. Let the power of sound help improve your emotional, psychological, spiritual and mental health.