"Let Earth Breathe," came from multiple backgrounds and experiences. The most pivotal experience was that of creating a school garden, while working as a credentialed chemistry teacher. 

The garden space became an ecosystem oasis. Meditation was acquired in unexpected ways that were revealed through the natural world. This space allowed for nature explorations via scientific inquiry and project based learning. Most importantly food explorations came to fruition with the support of fellowships and grants. 

A program that helped students and educators improve their overall health and curiosity for learning emerged. These experiences with nature, meditation and food filled everyone with joy. Years later, a new message came about. "Have more people outside this school garden, experience this type of joy." 

The ideas were drawn on a sheet of paper with significant elements. After traveling different parts of the world for research purposes, there was another pivotal experience via the natural world. Only this time, the communication came in the form of Glaciers from Patagonia. 

"Let Earth Breathe," was the message revealed. 

After hearing the guiding sounds of nature, the next step was to be trained as a sound healer. 

Now, "Let Earth Breathe" can share the gifts and talents from multiple experiences for those who seek a better way of life via Meditation, Nature Explorations and Food Education!